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Money Club Pilot Run

I started a six week program called the Money Club and we had our last session a week ago. It was an opportunity to do a deeper dive with individuals who were interested in personal financial coaching. We met weekly for an hour each, in which I taught on a topic of interest for the first part of the session, and then went into group coaching mode. Along the way, I realized I had to get back to basics about money scripts, and that I had a lot more to teach than could be covered in a 6 week session. I also realized the power of accountability in the overall coaching model - individuals needed the group to help hold them accountable when they didn't take their actions towards their personal financial goals each week.

The comradery in the group led to mutual uplifting towards everyone's goals, allowing them to celebrate their wins and support each other in the group chat. I found that assigning homework on some weeks helped keep the group engaged in moving towards their overall goals. Soon the group chat was filled with their "wins" as they shared photos and numbers: taxes done early, credit cards paid off, stocks purchased, budgets broken down, financial partnerships created and severed. I geeked out on the flurry of activity.

I also realized the club needed more personal one-on-one coaching to go deeper where they could screen-share their accounts and walk through what they were invested in, how to tackle their debt (snowball or avalanche technique?), or how they were spending their money. So I offered up 2 additional hours they could use whenever they wanted throughout the program for personal one-on-one coaching. As I went through through those exercises together with them, the same word kept coming up: empowering.

I am officially hooked! I could see the club members' confidence growing over the course of the program and am heady with excitement for Money Club 2.0!

Starting at the end of April with a new structure: Duration: 8 weeks

Start: Late April (exact date/time will be determined by Money Club consensus)

Cost: $250

What you get: 1 hour/week group session (8 sessions total) 2 hours of one-on-one personalized financial coaching (use in 30min or 1h increments at any time between the program's start and end dates)

Membership in the group chat to receive accountability texts and relevant info

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