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All About The Ocean Accepts All Rivers

An Essential Read

After much excitement and anticipation, The Ocean Accepts All Rivers has finally arrived. Find it on Amazon in both ebook and paperback formats, and enjoy reading this publication anywhere and on any type of device.

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Denise Li

Personal financial coach, educator, and author

When it comes to accumulating wealth, I learned from my parents, friends, books, blogs, and personal experience.
I noticed my parents were able to meet friends on trips abroad during their retirement. I wanted this for myself and for my friends.
I held personal finance education parties at my house. People would learn something new and apply it immediately.
Many bought houses. A few got out of debt. One started a college fund. One saved up for a dream: to hike the PCT with her family. They just finished!
Ultimately I love transforming and inspiring people to take control of their financial lives.
I finally put it all down in a book, but my mission doesn't end there. I continue to actively share my knowledge in my blog and live events.

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